office boredom

how can i be expected to work on a day like today?

One of the first times a sequel is better than the original. Jk. Jk. But seriously.

One of the first times a sequel is better than the original. Jk. Jk. But seriously.


Minimalist posters explain complex philosophical concepts with basic shapes

When it comes to explaining philosophy, sometimes less is more — and we think this arresting collection of minimalist posters encompasses that idea perfectly.

Individual is solely responsible for giving his or her own life meaning and for living that life passionately and sincerely, dealing with his or her conditions, emotions, actions, responsibilities, and thoughts.

Experience is ultimately based on mental activity. It is contrasted with realism, in which the external world is said to have an apparent absolute existence. The only things which can be directly known for certain are just ideas.

Reality exists independently of observers. In ethics, moral realism takes the view that there are objective moral values. Representative realism claims that humans cannot perceive the external world directly.

Knowledge arises from evidence gathered via sense experience. Empiricism emphasizes the role of experience and evidence, especially sensory perception, in the formation of ideas, over the notion of innate ideas or tradition.

Turkey Run State Park, well worth the $5.

Rediscover Fort Wayne

Great Tunes for your iSomething

Ageless by Emm Gryner

Are those bongos? You can’t not like a song featuring bongos.

Caught Me Thinking by Bahamas


Northern Air by Elliott Brood

Subtle Patterns 

The perfect compliment to your next work.

Font Constructor

If you are a Type Nerd, like me, You may want to create your own fonts, but are afraid to invest thousands into a program like fontographer, or are just confused by the awkward interfaces of free alternatives like fontforge. You will LOVE THIS: Font Constructor is a FREE, and incredibly INTUITIVE font design software. 

Infographic Design 

Need some inspiration to create a better infographic? These guys are brilliant.

Freelance Work

How do you get freelance work?

1. Be great, at a single area
The industry is over-saturated with people who can do a little of everything.
I do not remember the guy at the party who answers to “what do you do” with “a little of this and a little of that.” I remember the guy who responds “I am a market researcher at heart, but fell into coding in college. My passion is taking the data attained from in depth market studies and converting it into memorable user interfaces appropriately designed for specific brands and markets. I have been analyzing markets and coding for 9 years, but creating app interfaces since the ipod touch came out 5 years ago and haven’t touched web sites since. I just love the quicker turnaround from coding apps than large scale websites… Also, I get my hands back on the design aspect on top of the code, which I missed while working as a code monkey in a large website firm… you?”

2. Network. Network Network.
Almost all of my work has come as a result of getting to know people in my area.  People can’t contact you if they don’t know you.

Mr. D a new Canadian sitcom that may actually be worth your time.
So the rumours are true, they do have more than maple syrup in the Great White North, eh. 

If you want to convince me that polluting power plants should be abolished in favor of wind turbines, maybe don’t make me feel bad for cooling towers.



BrickFrest 2011.

I have the immense urge to pull out my legos now.

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